Why be restricted to solid ground if you can develop your business on water? The versatility and modularity of H2O Design’s houseboats let you give your business exclusive visibility in premier position.


Be it as a hotel or B&B, our boats are kitted out with style and every comfort. Let your customers enjoy a unique experience in the limelight.

Food & beverage

Whether on the high seas or berthed in an exclusive location, let your guests enjoy an unforgettable experience trying out tasty delights between the stars and the sea.

Spa & wellness

H2O Design can provide an enjoyable wellbeing experience in exclusive locations with views over the water.

Shop & market

Commercial houseboats can be set up as fashion boutiques, pop-up shops, supermarkets or any other business. Your exclusive store can be just a stone’s throw from the water.


Unique, stylish and sophisticated offices set up in exclusive locations, to feel as if you’re on holiday when you’re working!

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