H2O Design: innovation, modularity, design. Houseboats made in Italy.

The privilege of always being
in premier position

Boats by H2O Design are luxury floating houses that provide comprehensive comfort in premier position in any berth, quay or marina.

A tool for developing a highly profitable business.

The profit generated from renting out houseboats by H2O Design will quickly provide a return on your investment (in 3-5 years on average).

The higher the price of a square metre on solid ground, the more the cost of a houseboat is a fraction of that cost. Boats by H2O Design will let you stay in exclusive locations with all the comforts of home, by simply mooring your boat.

The futuristic vision of developing ‘floating properties’ in a world that is 2/3 water is not so far off into the future. H2O Design can transport you into the future by offering a sustainable product that provides a scalable, innovative income stream.

Living in close contact with nature and safeguarding our environment are among the main values that H2O Design brings to the boat market, through innovative products of value and quality.

The sustainable modularity of houseboats

The design underpinning
a new innovative business


H2O Design’s technical department places considerable focus on the environment when choosing sustainable materials for building boats and low-consumption or electric engines.


The ingenious concept of reversible houseboat modularity (patent-pending) enables transport costs for the most remote locations to be reduced, guaranteeing almost global distribution. Boats can be delivered fully preassembled or in two 40HC containers with modules which can be assembled in just 48 hours.


Every houseboat by H2O Design can be modified even years after it has been purchased, by adding modules such as an extra bathroom or bedroom, a lounge area, a spa facility, or much more, enabling a tailor-made solution that meets your precise requirements.

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